Financing / Insurance

Hello all. I’ve been reading the forums and keeping a low profile. Great stuff! Really have enjoyed it. Now our time is approaching. My wife and I are awaiting an SR-20 (#311). We do not have a date from Cirrus yet. We would appreciate getting any info on good deals for financing and insuring it.

Our last plane, which we sold a few years ago was a Cherokee 140. We’ve both flown the usual Cessna 152s and 172s and are both Private and Instrument rated. My wife Sonny has many more hours than I, and a Commercial ticket, as well as a stint as an ATC instructor at a college program. She has flown Tomahawks, Archers, Arrows, and Moonies. To get ready, we both will do some serious retraining. Furthermore, I want to work out on the simulator with the Garmin 430. We will likely take an instructor friend with us to pick up the plane in Duluth. Our dealings with Cirrus have been delightful. We have a profound respect for what the K’s and their workers have accomplished.

If any of you have any words to the wise, give us a post. We are eternal students of life and other’s experience. Even relatively old leads on financing would help. We want to use a combo of home equity and aviation finance company funding.