For those of you who financed your SR20, do you mind if I ask who you went through? Did you do it through Cirrus or somebody else? Why? How do their rates compare with other people offering a 20 year loan for a Cirrus? Did you finance the plane directly, or through an Equity loan or something else?



Beware “Cirrus Finance Corporation.” As you probably know, they have nothing to do with Cirrus Design, but I found the level of disconnect really disappointing. Sometimes they will answer the phone “Cirrus Design,” sometimes they will answer “Cambridge Commerce” (the real name of these people, who are based in Vista, CA), or occasionally you’ll get “Cirrus Airlines” if they don’t have good help that day.

They are a middleman for MBNA. My feelings are if you’re going to go through MBNA, just do it through AOPA.

Also, I was shocked at how little they knew about the SR20 or aircraft loans in general. If you want a traditional airplane loan, look into Textron Financial Services (J. Mac from “Flying” had some positive words about them recently).

In the end, I found home equity the way to go. The interest is tax deductible!