I need a plane!

I was hoping some people on the forum could help me find some good places to get a loan to buy a plane. I want to fly Cirrus planes, but they’re hard to find for rent, so now I want to buy one, or go fractional. Anyone have any great suggestions? How much is the annual for the plane? What other costs should I expect? Thanks for your help.


yah - location? and model 20/22? would be a good start :slight_smile:


National Aircraft Finance Company, works through Bank of America.

Ask for Chuck. He helped me out.

As far as financing goes, pick up any aviation mag and there will be ads for a dozen or more companies eager to provide financing. Basically, they will all look for the same two things. First, they will want documents to show that you have the income to easily afford the payments. Second, they will want you to have a credit record that shows you DO pay your debts on time. That’s about it. Pretty simple.

I have had very good experience twice with this company. They serve as the marketing arm for Eaglemark, the aviation finance division of Harley-Davidson Credit Corp. I have found them a bit more flexible than most banks. Banks, being banks, tend to just run your numbers through a simple formula and say yes or no. If you are self-employed or if your situation is a bit more esoteric, you will want someone who looks a bit deeper.

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If you have enough equity in your home, a home equity loan of line-of-credit can be had a good rates (about 6% these days).

That’s how I acquired by Cirrus.

Probably Sacremento area…and prefer 22…

Check out Airshares Elite. I hear they are a great outfit.