European Migration in Rome - E16

Seven more to go. Please help to make this an even bigger success and get us to 100 attendees. Join us for lots of sightseeing and fun with old and new friends! Thanks to the wonderful work of Timm and Gerda Preusser this will be one of the largest European Migrations.

Is this the same Heike that was based at KPTK? If so, hello from Mike - still at PTK.

Ironically, I was working in Heidelberg two weeks ago and attempted to get together with Timm and Gerda but our schedules did not work out.

The European migration sounds like great fun. Congratulations on the number of participants.

Yes, that is me. Thanks for replying. I am now in Switzerland, but will be back this August. Maybe we can meet then.


This is going to be a great happening. There is time for a few more of the real suave Norte Americano’s to join the big COPA Italian party. I’m buying frescati on the Pizza Novona one of earths greatest places. I predict we will blow through 100, so order more wine and that amazing Italian cuisine.


Gil, allow me to be the Italian Gordon… Frascati, and Piazza Navona!

Your autocorrect messed up your good Italian spelling! [:)]


Prrrahgo! [:)]

Thank you all. So far we have 103 registered attendees and counting.

See you all in Rome!