E16 European Migration to Rome now official !!!

Rome, Italy – your place to be in 2018 !


Join the European Migration – E16

May 30 – June 3, 2018

A date to note in your diary !

The Vatican

Rome, capital of Italy, is one of the most stunning and historical places in Europe. The months of May and June offer excellent weather conditions without it being too hot and without having to experience the endless queues of tourists in the museums and sightseeing landmarks.

**Contrary to the US Migrations, which are centered on the vendor exhibitions and presentations, the Europeans prefer daily excursions to historic landmarks and into nature. And Rome has everything – from world famous museums to historic structures to the Adriatic Sea which is close by. **


While you read this, the planning committee is still tweaking out some remaining details, but the general plan is already finalized:

**Wednesday, May 30: **

Pre-Migration overnight stop in Venice, Italy, LIPV. Land your Cirrus directly on Lido, the island just outside Venice, and take the Vaporetto ferry boat from the airport directly to Marcus place or your hotel.

Venice Gondola

Thursday, May 31:

Arrival at Urbe Airport, Rome, LIRU.

Welcome reception event at the airport and bus transfers to the 4-Star Marriott Park Migration Hotel. Get-together in the evening with a leisurely dinner.

Urbe Airport, Rome

Friday, June 1 :

Full day excursion to historic landmarks, with guided tours and lunch. Return to the Migration hotel in the late afternoon. Evening: Our traditional Gala-Dinner with Dance and Music.

For those arriving only today at the Urbe airport, Welcome reception and bus transfer to the Marriott Migration hotel.

Marriott Park Hotel, Lobby

Saturday, June 2:

Morning: COPA Safety Roadshow Critical Decision Making seminar and, in parallel, PIC Partner-in-Command course.

Afternoon: Excursion to Rome including a walking tour to Trevi fountain and other famous sites.

Evening: Dinner at a typical local restaurant.


**Trevi Fountain


Sunday, June 3:

Bus transfer to the Urbe airport.

Shuttles to Rome international airports for those who would like to depart commercially.

**We have reserved a room block at the 4-Star Marriott Rome Park Hotel. The location is halfway between Fiumicino international airport and Rome downtown. Shuttles run both directions from the hotel lobby. We have a VERY special rate of Euro 120.00 per night plus taxes and meals. How to make reservations will be explained by end of November when the RegOnline website has been published. Please stay tuned. **

For those of you who live too far away and want to fly in commercially – please note that Rome is very well connected to all major cities in Europe and worldwide, including direct flights from USA. If you plan to hitch a ride from some other place in Europe, please let us know – we’ll then bring you into contact with Cirrus pilots who will be glad offering a seat.

For all further questions, please post in this thread.

Heike Matthes Timm & Gerda Preusser

COPA International Director E16 Migration Committee

Timm and Gerda,

Great news!! Lisa and I have already cleared our calendars to arrive Wednesday so we can greet all our European COPA friends!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone next May.

Very best,

Are you flying your plane? It’s only about 4300 miles. The Air Force guys do that all the time.

That’s because they are flying gas stations.


No problemo!



That looks like fun!

Well done!

I hope I can get to that…start finagling now!

O.K. lets see now, Las Wages or Rome?

and the winner is?


See ya there Andy


That decision must’ve taken about 2 seconds.

What a layup!


Hope to see you there. One of my favorite cities in the world, history, food, charm and the Europeans know how to throw a great party.


"O.K. lets see now, Las Wages or Rome?

and the winner is?


See ya there Andy"

Or, what about both of the above? See you guys there.



[quote user=“Roger Whittier”]
Roger Whittier wrote the following post at Sat, Nov 25 2017 19:37: "O.K. lets see now, Las Wages or Rome?

and the winner is?


See ya there Andy"

Or, what about both of the above? See you guys there.


As old Migration guys (I mean old Migration guys), I’m seeing excitement in Joyce about Rome Migration. Lets talk about before or after.



Ditto. In fact, on Thursday night of Nashville, when Gerda saw Lisa and told her “Rome”, Lisa looked at me and said “Clear my vacation schedule for next year, could you? We’re going.” I am wise enough after 41 years of marriage to say the “Two magic words.” [:D]

Let’s talk around the beginning of the New Year, maybe we can coordinate travel plans.


Come on Andy, we all know you wanted to go if only for another Peroni beer. So how to reconcile your conversation with Lisa? “OK Dear, we will go but you owe me one!” [;)]

I cannot open the brochure. Any ideas?

Brochure, you don’t need any stinking brochure. Just sign up, totally tax deductible cheese buying trip. See ya in Rome! I predict the biggest U.S. attendance ever!


I like the way you think![Y]

Yes, I’m looking forward to a long flight home on a summer’s day in Rome with a ripe Gorgonzola in the plane… [:O] [:P]

Looks really fun. Any idea when the Regonline will go live for it?