European Migration E-14, 26th of May 2016

Dear Fellow COPA pilots,

The time has come to organize our annual European Migration. Mark your calendars, save the date, and make your reservation early because this one is not to be missed! The team of COPA Europe are working hard to ensure all aspects of the fly-in are organized down to the smallest detail, for what promises to be an unforgettable trip for all of us. The detailed plan is to be revealed before Christmas.

Attached below, is a movie trailer.

Based on this trailer, the first one to find where the Migration is to take place will have free (unlimited) beer or wine if he/she is thirsty, or unlimited food if he/she is hungry, at the arrival reception at the airport…

There are 2 correct answers, effectively 2 different words. Any of the two will do.

The first word one starts with a “K” and the other word starts with “C”. So, feel free to have a go…

Timm and Gerda Presseur already know the answer, so, they are excluded from this treat… Other people may get excluded at the discretion of COPA Europe team…[8-|]

Kind Regards,


Kerkira, Corfu

I, too, know “The Secret,” but am sworn to secrecy! [:#]

Lisa and I are looking forward to seeing all our friends and making new ones at E14!

Be safe and have fun,

Hi Dennis,

OK, it is not Kerkyra or Corfu, however, a very good guess. The clue is where the movie has been shot.

Kind Regards,


Kardamyli? Thanks IMDB :slight_smile:

Mama Mia, you are getting close…[8-|]

(what is IMDB ?)

Thanks Andrew !

It appears that some people have very good sources/knowledge and the secret will not last long…

Looking forward to meeting you in Greece.

Kind Regards,


if the Movie is corellis mandoline it might be kefalonia.

Hello Robert,

But it isn’t Captain Correli’s mandolin.



Unfortunately I’m not available at that time, but the location is Kalamata, I believe

Kings Cross station? [:D] [6]

I was actually going to say Cologne as it can be written Cologne and Köln but seeing the movie trailer, I could see that Cologne doesn’t have that “greek” sort of feel…

Hello John et al,

Interesting approach with a tad of analysis…

From King’s Cross to Cologne to Corfu to Kardamili, one is getting closer to the Migration airport…[B][B]

I think we will have a winner by the end of the week.

Kind Regards,

Could be Messina Greece…

Looking forward to this migration!

Thought the location was spelt with either a C or a K?

Yes, you are correct. Are you sure you are not coming ? 26th of May is a national holiday for most European countries. Also, here is the video link, which now can be played in iPads, iPhones, etc.,

For those who were not be able to see it before.


Voila, the winner is Steve Paul and the 100% correct answer is Καλαμάτα (Kalamata Int. Airport) or Costa Navarino.

Therefore, Steve wins the free unlimited beer or wine or free unlimited food at the arrival reception…![B][B]

If Steve does not come in this migration, as he has said so, then this prize will go (in this order) to Morgan Wirth (UK) and Denis Pariente (FR) because they both guessed Kardamili, or (Καρδαμύλη) , which is indeed one of the most nearby villages that the said film was actually shot.

You will be hearing more details from Timm Presseur soon.

Watch this space for the next “prix d’ honneur”…

This European Migration is not to be missed…!

Sounds and looks great! I can’t wait to hear more detail - will there be any flyouts to nearby islands? Would love to turn the migration into a longer flying holiday for the missus and I - as otherwise procrastinating slightly about attending the event over a long weekend.


EXACTLY !! The Migration event will be published within the next 10 days, with all details. It will be a 3-day-event in Kalamata, with possible extensions before and after the official event. There will be a 1-night intermediate stop on the way to Greece, and island touring or visits to Athens etc. after the event.

NOTE THE DATE: May 26 - 29, 2016, for the official part.