Electric Towbar

Any recommendations on electric towbars? Anyone have a used one for sale?

I like my Aero-Tow very much. You can’t have it.

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Any recommendations on electric towbars?

I like my Aero-tow 200, but you can’t have mine, either! [;)] Do a search on the Members forum using keyword “Tug” for a whole bunch of threads on the subject.

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Any recommendations on electric towbars? Anyone have a used one for sale?

Agee with the others, Aero-tow E200 unit is great, and you can’t have it! Also have the tow bar handle, and love it.


I have a PowerTow Thundervolt.

While its working well for me now, I wouldn’t recommend it for two reasons:

(1)Their shipping/packing is lousy. It took them two attempts to ship me a working
unit. Even then, there was some bent metal I had to straighten-out.
(2)There are several unprotected 12V terminals near the motor. There is also
a metal cable that they use to engage/disengage the unit to the nosewheel. When
this cable goes slack, it was able to spot-weld itself to one of those 12V terminals.
I now have it insulated to prevent the problem, but it doesn’t come that way from
the factory.


I may have an Aero Tow 200 for sale. I love it but the lip on my new hanger is so high I might need to upgrade to a larger model


I’ve got the same one and love it. Not cheap to buy, but the first time you use it and don’t have to break a sweat you smile to yourself and think, “Like my Cirrus, it was worth every penny.”


how much does it weigh?

Stuart: I shipped my AeroTow E200 from Portland OR to Upland CA a while ago. I don’t remember the exact weight but it was around 130 lbs. I think I paid about $80 for the truck freight.

I was only in Oregon for 6 months. I had the AeroTow shipped up there. I saved the original carton. I carried the nosewheel adaptor and the battery charger down in the plane. They now come with a built in charger that is part of the tow unit.

If you have the original carton the shipping is easy. If not, you would have to build a carton for it.