If you are looking for an electric tow for your 2X, may I suggest Aero-Tow of Lake Mills WI (Terry Railing 920-648-8114. I have had one for a little more than a year for our 22 and it works superbly, however that is not the reason that I am sold on this product, it is customer service. Last week the handle broke on my unit (probably because of misuse of the FBO) Terry was called and shipped out a brand new unit that day, no questions asked and at no charge. So I figure I owe him a plug. It also is a terrific product. In this day and age I don’t find too many people that will stand behind their product as well as Terry has.

Gordon Kaufman

I too have an Aero-Tow and would recommend it highly.

Ditto. The E 200 handles my 22 like a dream. Plenty of power and good traction. I have about 18" clearance on each side, and with three lines painted on the ramp the Aero Tow makes it a snap to back it in. One of those few products that’s every bit as good as you would hope it would be.

John Kinsey
SR 22 # 182

Gordon: Glad to hear your experience. I too have an Aero-Tow, currently at Portland Hillsboro, Oregon. When I bring mine down to Upland, California I plan to add a ground power cable so I can use the unit to connect to the ground power socket on the SR22. I did not expect to get a separate 24 volt charger but one came with the 24 volt unit. With a “Jump Max” plug-socket-cable assembly and the matching connector for the Cirrus I will have my unit providing ground power as well as mobility. I too have about 18" clearance on each hangar wall. I’ve got a stripe for the right main gear track at Portland Hillsboro and plan to put in a similar, more permanent, stripe at the Upland, California hangar.

The “Jump Max” is available at Northern Equipment. It is the unit that you will find on a tow truck. It consists of about 20’ of heavy duplex cable (#4?) a plug and socket arrangement with cables to connect to your battery and spring battery clamps. I will take off the spring battery clamps and put in the matching connector for the Cirrus SR22. The socket will go under the battery deck of the Aero-Tow. Then when I need ground power for avionics set up or for starting assistance I can just plug in the cable assembly.

My experience is consistent with Gordon’s.