Nearly New Aero Tow 4 Sale in OKLA $2000 Firm

I have a barely used Aero Tow 24Volt set up for a wide range of aircraft,it only a year old, used very little buy a handicapped cousin of mine, he has sold his aircraft and needs to sell his tug .Please call me with Questions 405-248-3095 my name is Howard I will deliver first 30 miles free, $1 a mile after that Thanks and God Bless

Aero-Tow makes many models. Which model is this?

LIL Sherman. for Sessna, Commanche, Navaho, ETC

I have pics I can Email you, dont know how to load on this website,

$2,000 Firm? Isn’t that what they cost new!

No they are $2250 + tax 202 + Shipping 300 = $ 2752 to be exact…

The owner of this tug copany told me it would bring that in a heartbeat. I would be foolish to take less…

I guess we’ll see! It is a great tug (I have one), but used is used, and the biggest issue is shipping. Good luck!

I seriously doubt it will sell at that price. You can go right to Terry at Aero Tow and get good service, advice and help for the same price.