Best Towbar?

Hello all, so I need a new towbar for my SR-20 first gen anyone have any recommendations? any input would be appreciated.


Call Terry at Aero-Tow 920-648-8114. He makes a top quality Cirrus Towbar that I recommend highly.

I second that! Here is a picture of one.


I saw that one and it does look heavy duty which i like, but it also looks like a pain to put on and off? isnt it compared to the one handed spring loaded kind? Thanks for any advice on such a simple item, im sure im overthinking :slight_smile:

I endorse the aero-tow bar as well.

mike k.

The spring one can slip off and make expensive scratches. Get the AeroTow.

I like this one. It’s very light weight and easy to attach but it’s made from aircraft tubing and is strong enough to get the job done.

+1 for Aero-Tow.

I’m sure the Aero-Tow one is great, but I had the same concern about getting the tow bar on and off easily. I ended up getting this one, which for me has not slipped off once. It seems to lock on better than the spring type (which I’ve had before), but probably not quite as secure as the screw mechanism on the Aero-Tow bar. Anyway, I like it:

(Obviously the model for the Cirrus is about halfway down the listing)

You didn’t say whether it’s a hand tow bar, or one for use with a tug. If a hand tow bar, the one by Aero Tow is the best out there. If for use with a tug, the ones sold by Brackett are superb. I use the TH-5; get the TH-53 if you like overkill.

The ones that are spring-loaded are junk; they’re sure to come off and scratch the paint.

I’ll second Mr. Bowen’s recommendation for the Brackett tow bar. I have the TH-5 and I’m very happy with it. I use it along with a golf cart to tug the plane. If you are looking for something to hand tug the plane around, this isn’t the tow bar you want.


do you use the ball hitch or the shock ring hitch…I have used the Brackett with the ball hitch, but thought it would be cool to have the shock ring one and just drop it over the ball on the golf cart and not have to clip it down etc…might also give a little cushion when you have to stop not having them so tightly coupled. I have never seen any with the shock ring so wondered.

Another +1 for Terry and Aero Tow. I find mine very easy to get on and off even though you do have to maybe lean over a bit more !!! Really !!! It is well built and easy to maneuver the nose wheel.

Another vote for Aero Tow. It is built like a tank and lets you move it around with authority even on rough surfaces.

I have the TH-5 with the plain ring hitch, not the shock hitch. I just drop it over the ball I have on the front of the golf cart. Works great. I would be worried that the shock hitch might introduce a bit of slack into the setup, equaling less control for when finesse is needed.

thanks…makes sense…might be good on a longer tow, for instance to the gas pump…but when putting in the hangar it could cause some control issues. I have a ball on both the front and back of my golf cart and hate having to get the ball hitch lever down and up each time I change.

Wow!!! Thanks everyone for all the great imput!! i was not even expecting a reply to such a simple thing. It sounds like everyone loves the aero! and the TH-5. The one Ron sent looks good too! Ill def not be getting another spring loaded one! Thank you again!

Steve, I saw this one too and really liked it seemed to be one you didnt have to stop what your doing to put on and off, i mean it looks like you could just operate it standing there not bending down to turn a screw. Is that right? Thanks for the info

Certainly true you don’t have to bend down there turning a screw with the “Bogi Bar” I linked to above. I’m not sure I’d say you “don’t have to stop what you’re doing to put on and off”, though – I mean, unless you want to scratch up the wheel pant, you still need to be pretty careful and deliberate putting this (or any) tow bar on. But it is very quick to attach/detach, if that’s what you’re asking, and seems to hold better than the spring loaded ones.