ECCFI 4 at Elmira

A quick report on ECCFI 4 at Elmira last Saturday. (I’d have posted sooner, but things have been busy!)

The weather started out not that great - quite low ceilings, etc. Those that flew in (SR20s N84MR & N907FS, SR22 N6CD, Mooney N1916Y) did so by sliding down ILS 6. Others drove, but got there anyway - thanks for making the effort.

All in all, 14 people were there - Jeff Ippoliti was actually at Watkins Glen (it’s tough when you have to choose whether to play with your new SR22 or your new racing Ferrari). Eric Gertz, Bill Mount, Chuck Price and I went out to the track to ogle; there were some incredibly exotic machines, almost any of which would take your breath (and bank account) away.

We all met up for lunch and some armchair flying, and by time we were ready to leave, the weather had cleared to about as good as it gets. Nobody rushed - we spent time looking over each others’ planes, especially Bob Bowen’s beautiful new SR22, N6CD.

Photos from the day are available on the http://www.cirruspilots.orgCOPA web site. Click on What’s New.

  • Mike.