Does the Cirrus Turbo has a Jeppesen Aircraft model or not ? can I use the Sr22's model ? or what's the alternate ?

Hello again,

Sorry I know i’ve been asking a lot, it’s just I need to make my final decision

I’m SO interested in the Turbo version, I use Jeppesen Flitestar/Flitemap for flight planning and there’s the Sr20/Sr22 but no aircraft model for the Turbo version, even on the website

Jeppesen Flitestar is a BIG help for me in flight planning as it tells me how long my trip will be and how many gallons of fuel will be used and the ETE

so you got any ideas ? I’m really in a huge need for that, and let’s say there isn’t any, is the difference big between the Sr22 and the Turbo ?

if yes what do you use to get such data in an easy quick way like Flitestar that got data for the Cirrus Turbo GTS ??

also I want to ask the ones who flew it, you fly at approximately how much RPM ?

I flew the Bonanza F33 on 1700 to 1800 RPM while CRZ, how about the Cirrus Turbo GTS

and I want to thank you all for helping me out in this as I’m in real need of help

hope I can help you some day as well [:D]


To answer your first question, I think I have what you are looking for, but I’ll have to put the file in ZIP or RAR format. I can’t attach an ACT file here. I’ll email it to you via the COPA email system.

that would be the greatest thing !! thank you so so much Andy

I won’t forget it

Happy to help, Moemen! I just sent an email via COPA that should come to your regular email account. If the link/file doesn’t work, just reply to me and then I’ll have your email address directly (COPA protects email addresses from being viewed) and I can send the file as an attachment from my own email account.

What altitudes do you typically fly at, and how long are your usual trips?

thanks, I got the file for Flitestar

I usually fly between FL190 and FL200 for max. like 500 nm, I never flew more than that !

In the turbo at FL 190 to 200 you can plan on running lean of peak at 17-17.6 gallons per hour, 2500 RPM although some run up to 2600 RPM, at this you will see True air speeds of 200+ Knots.

Have you tried I greatly prefer it over Fightstar (which I also have). Just the “winds aloft matrix” alone, which greatly facilitates selection of optimum altitude, is worth the price of admission (which is - free!).

You can “copy” (upload) my customized “performance profile” for the Turbo if you like. My username is gordonf and the N number is N322PL. I actually have two profiles stored. For LOP climbs, I have N322PL-L, and for ROP climbs, N322PL-R.

The fuel burn and ETE’s have been dead accurate. It’s a snap filing IFR flight plans, and there are great features such as its ability to send you via email or SMS the actual planned ATC route for your flight, ~ 30 minutes before departure.

Try it.

civester& gordonf thank you so mcuh, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate this help.

and i’ll try as you suggested as it seems much better.

thank you all for your time :slight_smile:

have a good day !

Oops - I didn’t see that you were in Egypt! I don’t think will work for you there, unfortunately. [:^)]


I am buying a 2007 TN GTS and do also use FlightStar. Could you maybe send me the .act.file for it too?



Hi Michael,

I’ve sent it. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Welcome to COPA! [:)]

I got it, thanks a lot.


Could you please send me a copy of you FlightStar model for the SR22 GTS Turbo. Have you consider uploading it to the jeppesen website. Thanks


Hi Eric,

I sent you a COPA email. The file isn’t mine to upload there. However, I wonder if it’s over in COPApedia? (blue bar at the top of this page).