Looking at a SR22


I am currently a bonanza owner/flyer and looking at selling and buying a SR-22. The owner’s club for the bonanzas produce a couple page paper of things to look for on the airplane when buying one. Could anyone tell me if one is available for the cirrus’s or somethings to look out for?

More than a couple pages try thousands of intimate details based on over a decade of field service. Join copa and visit member forums. You will not regret it.

I am holding out to join until I am 100% sure I want to “upgrade” planes.


For what its worth, I joined COPA about a year before I actually bought my SR22 early in 2011 (it is a 2002 model). I found the COPA forums to be the most useful I’ve seen (including the BeechTalk one which I was also a member of, and which is pretty good). The value was there regardless of whether I was flying a Cirrus or not, and there was a huge amount of information I got from the forums which helped in making the right purchase decision. It was well worth the price of joining (saved me the membership fees many times over)

In order for people to help you, it is probably worth posting a bit more information about roughly what price range/vintage plane you are interested in, and what major options are important. SR22s span a pretty wide range of different variants, just as 36 series Bonanzas aren’t all the same (i.e. 70s vintage A-36 vs. 90s B-36TC vs 2010 G-36).

Best of luck on your search.

There are many threads about people making just the decision you are making. (I made the same trade-up 10 years ago, and I am on my second Cirrus, a Turbo.) The amount on information and assistance available on the Forums as a member is worth about 100 times the membership fee. Just the info on how to best do a pre-buy alone can literally save you thousands of dollars. If you’re even considering a Cirrus, join and be prepared to drink from the fire hose.

All Cirrus planes are relatively new, and structurally dirt simple. No gear linkages to wear our, no gear transmission or motor, cowl flaps, etc. i would recommend a pre-buy by a me hanic familiarvwith Cirrus planes. Look for lfe limited times remaining on line cutters and chute repack and damage history.

I would recommend a new keyboard without sticky keys.

$65 is such a miniscule amount, considering the price of an airplane. Reading the forums will either drive you away, or make you serious buyer, and also direct you the Cirrus that will best fit your needs.

We should have a “guest pass” for a week or so. Would be nice way to introduce others to the wealth of information and hospitality on COPA. How about it tech guys!?

If something is worth something, you pay for it. If not, you pay for it down
The line.


You know me as an effete flea on the running dogs of socialism, but I have to agree with Col. Alex “Hardass” Wolf. Capitalism rules in this case.

I totally dig how one might decide not to join COPA before making the upgrade decision. After all, we routinely invade countries (or fund aid projects) without knowing facts on the ground. So decision-before-data is practically a sanctioned pastime.

But should you want, for whatever bizarre reason, to actually know what flying/owning a Cirrus is about, it’s fair to expect you to join. Real bucks for real information. (Not to say that we should ignore guest posters. We do provide a great deal of information. But you and I know that the Public Access Forums are the tip of the tip of the iceberrg of knowledge that is COPA.)

Your ‘guest pass’ type of mechanism works for (say) a journalist (where COPA gets exposure in exchange for providing free access). It may also apply to new Cirrus owners who may not otherwise be exposed to COPA forums. In that case though, I believe the seller (Cirrus Aircraft or the broker or the owner) should put a little skin in the game. COPA might subsidize, perhaps.

What is the price for spreading the safety word… How many lurk and would buy? I doubt it would cut into the bottom line, much, and might get some to participate … Priceless. Right , Sanjay?

I will listen more and talk less with this IPAD. I only use a keyboard at work, and IPAD with touch screen keyboard for all else. There is rarely time to post on COPA while at work. I bought a keyboard case for the IPAD but do not like the bulk as I like to travel light. I have not learned to type very well on the IPAD screen, but it is handy. When the awards for worst typing are issued, I am sure to get first place.