SR22 Jeppesen FlightStar model

Since Cirrus has released the final POH for the '22, I don’t think I’ll be stepping on anyone’s toes if I release this.

While all effort has been made to accurately represent what I have read in the IM, this information is being released with no implied or express warranty of accuracy. I could have typed something in wrong, I could have bungled one of the calculations in the excel spreadsheet I used.

I’d like to acknowledge Kevin Simmons, who sent me his SR20 model and a spreadsheet used to approximate Jeppesen’s ISA+/-30->20 conversions. Without his assistance, I would never have gotten off my ass to build this.

The W&B envelope is correct, however the empty weight and arm of the aircraft are a fantasy, they do not come out of a real POH.

The model can be found at:

for Jeppesen FlightStar 8.2. Please drop me a note if you find problems or inaccuracies.