Differences between SR20 G1 & G2

Can anyone tell me the differences between an SR20 G1 and G2 manufactured in 2004.




Technically there is no such thing as a “G1.” The pre-G2 models were just “SR20s.” But when the G2 models came out in 2004 people started calling the earlier ones G1s to differentiate them.

The G2 models for both SR20 and SR22 introduced a new fuselage. Although it was pretty much the same shape as the old one, there were notable differences. Among them: different latches on the entry doors and luggage door, introduction of an equipment access door on the right side and a different lower cowl.

The new G2 fuselage was created mainly to simplify construction and reduce fabrication costs (fewer parts and assembly steps). However, there were customer benefits. Some people claimed it was 2-5 knots faster. The access door on the right side reduced labor hours for certain work including but not limited to the parachute. People had been complaining about the “G1” doors that required some instruction to close properly and sometimes had adjustment problems. The G2 doors had latches that were more automotive-like. Now people complain about adjustment problems on those. Bottom line, both door latch styles have their admirers and detractors

With the introduction of the G2, many of the trim materials around the instrument panel, roof and seats were also upgraded. Hope this helps.


Many thanks for the details.


The speed increase was believed to be from two items: the vertical stab was changed from angled to an asymmetric airfoil, and the bottom of the firewall was sloped backwards allowing the exhausts to be tucked closer out of the slipstream. The latter change also is supposed to improve crashworthiness by causing the aircraft to ‘skip’ in a forward crash rather than dig in.


Many thanks for the information.