Delivery Date/Reservations

Having just received my SR20 deilvery package (1/14/01 for #243), I’d like to ask any new SR2X owners whether you’d recommend waiting to make hotel/flight reservations? In other words, how reliably has Cirrus been hitting ACTUAL delivery dates once scheduled? Have you had to reschedule at the 11th hour to accomodate last-minute production delays?

yes acouple times once for production and once for the grounding after tower attack. But in there defence. Thats when the 20 was going back into production and mine was one of 1of the first ones . So maybe it will be diferant now .I would wait for anther update in say 30 days to make sure from Don 705DM

I have been to Cirrus for 4 delv. and they have yet to miss. When they give you a date in my experience it will be there waiting. Also I have never been there and someone elses plane was not done…Ed

I am picking up #225 on Nov 12th & that date has not changed in the last 45 days…abt 45 to 60 days prior to your scheduled date cirrus will send you written confirmation with a short window open for you to adjust your exact date…

Good luck

Picked up my SR22 in July and was rescheduled twice during the final 2 weeks. Made an enormous mess of my personal schedule - although CD did pick up the increased cost of the airline tickets.

If you REALLY want to be sure that the plane is there when you’re scheduled to go, I’d suggest you

  1. Close the purchase by wire on the date CD says the plane will be complete - ie wire transfer the money when they confirm the plane is complete.

  2. Schedule your trip to DLH and training about 7 days later than CDs estimated delivery date 30-45 days in advance. That will give you a pretty good buffer for production slippage.

Having just returned from Duluth I can say that as of thursday there were at at least 8 SSR20s nearing the end of the production line. I believe there were numerous 20s just behind them.

I recommend having Cirrus take delivery for you and then arrive 5 to 7 days later for training. As 9-11 changed my delivery conflicting with previous travel plans they took delivery for me. I began training when I arrived gaining 1/2 day, assuming no glitches in delivery. While I was there one delivery was delayed 3 or 4 days while Cirrus chased down an wiring gremlin and replaced one of the avionics boxes. The owners completed all of there ground school and then waited while service searched for the problem.

Bob 96SY, 100th SR22 delivered

My 22 was scheduled for March 30 and was slipped to November 5 (Monday next week) because of 911. Right on time for my Cirrus pilot to accept and fly to GFL hopefully on Tuesday depending on the # and seriousness of squawks.