delivery date confirmed for #96

It’s getting routine (and that’s great!), but just to advise any that follow me, I’m booking a flight to Duluth for delivery on Sept 17th…Considering that I placed my order in June of 1999 with an estimate of 2 years…only 3 months late and an extra 110 HP! Stopping in Iowa (my birth state) on the way back to Florida with my Dad (85 now and a former WWII Thunderbolt pilot- 404th fighter group) for some pheasant hunting…any mid-westerners with suggestions for mid-state Iowa hunting? If anybody’s keeping track, my Dad may be one of the most “senior” Cirrus owners…he was the kick in the butt I needed 2 years ago to make the deposit (which he shared)! And, FYI, he’s sitting in on the training (no extra cost) but won’t get the certificate.