Delivery Update

I received a FedEx package on Thursday from Cirrus. The letter is dated November 1, 2001 and states “Your Actual Delivery Date is January 24, 2002” I know that is subject to minor scheduling changes, but the date is definitely narrowing down.

I am getting an SR20. I sent my original deposit in January of 1999 with an original delivery date of December 2000. My number assigned was #264. I have still not taken a demo flight, I guess I need to start asking my sales rep about that. Hope that helps some of you project your delivery dates.

Now the big question is to Avidyne or not to Avidyne. (Sorry ARNAV, seems like a simple decision.) I do wonder about engine monitoring though.

David Raab
SR20 #264 N224RF

Thanks for the update. I am sure your data will be useful to all the -20 folks. By all means get a couple hours in the plane prior to delivery. You are in for a real treat. All my time is in 150’s, 172’s and a couple hours in an Archer. I was a bit apprehensive on my first -20 flight but that all disappeared about 10 seconds after roll out. I am fairly low time and had ZERO problems in all phases of flight, Landing is a “non event” and in fact much easier to me than in a 172. Just hit your “numbers” and she will behave just fine. I would get the Avidyne. Much better display and a company that appears to be much more forward thinking and responsive to customer demands. Again… your in for a treat. Keep us posted!!

I’m sceduled Jan 22 to pick up #259 so Im sure we’ll get together again. I hope they have something besides American Beer there. I think I’ll stay downtown where theres some activity and something to do after 5 .Does anyone have any suggestions for where to stay . This will probably be my only vacation for a while.

how low time is low time for you? i have a 20 position (700+), and one of my concerns about going through with it has been my relative lack of experience (although i am trying to build it quickly!) any comments or insights would be appreciated.

Hi Dan:

My wife and I were at CD on 11-02-01 and we stayed downtown in the Hawthorne Suites. The people were nice as it seems to be typical for that area yet the only positive I can say about that place is the high-speed internet connection they even offered PCMCIA card, SW and cable). The hotel is a converted dockside warehouse and it clearly shows that heritage. The Radisson is walking distance from there (Duluth has a population of 85k) but, we have not checked it out. Next time we’ll be up there we plan to stay at the new Fairfield Inn which is much closer to CD and it is adjacent to a huge shopping mall (some wives may appreciate that) with the typical modern suburban setting as compared to the turn of the century smoke stack industry aura of downtown. Both places in downtown were recommended by CD and they offer special rates.
The parameters are as follows:
Hawthorne Suites: 218-727-4663
235 Lake Avenue N Duluth
Rate: $125/night w/CD discount for a large suite and jacuzzi
Radisson: 218-727-1490
Rate: appr the same as Hawthorne
Fairfield Inn: 218-723-8607
901 Joshua Ave Duluth
Rate: $85/day for a suite
Admittedly, the main attraction for most of us in Duluth is CD and having a nice clean room, a desk with internet connection enabling us to study at night ad nauseum should suffice.

Best regards,

Laz Kulcsar

Dan, coming from CA. this will not qualify as a vacation! Do not let the new Cirrus blind you, it will be cold!!! Instead I think when you return to CA. you will look at the whole thing as say Survivoir III…Try staying ant the comfort inn or the hawthorne suites,but at hawthorne tell them you want a room with a window not a interior room. …Ed

I also stayed 4 nights at Faifield very nice clean friendly. And close to the main attraction of Cirrus factory which was my reason for being there fair price and good restuarants near by can still go to town also 15 min away from Don 705DM