Anyone Near San Antonio Tx?

Long story short I am looking to get some info and if possible go up in a SR22. I live just south of San Antonio TX and will cover expenses and lunch of course. I have a good bit of cessna, and piper time, and over 200 hours of beechcraft time, but 0 in a cirrus. I was getting ready to upgrade to a Barron for the extra safety of the extra engine for night flights etc. However after looking at the cost to maintain and operate that second engine I started looking at the cirrus. 98% of my missions can be achieved in the SR22 and the chute brings the safety margin I am looking for. The problem is I have never even sat inside of a Cirrus much less flown one. I would really like to spend a few hours with a knowledgeable owner who can answer some general questions for me. I am not a tire kicker… I am very serious about purchasing a SR22 but I just don’t feel like I can even start looking at them until I know more and get a feel for them. No one on my field owns one and I thought this might be a good place to start. I look forward to exploring this forum as well. Thanks so much!


Welcome to COPA! I used to own a 2014 SR22T that I kept in Kenedy and Austin. I transitioned last year to a 2007 Piper Meridian and if you’re ever down in Karnes City or up in Austin, I’d be happy to show it to you. Ron Hyde, who manages the airport in Kenedy flies a turbine Bonanza conversion you might also be interested in seeing. Piston twins like the Baron are not as safe as the Cirrus if you cannot fly enough to be able to handle an engine out–you in fact double the chance of an engine failure with two of them ;-). I had an engine driven fuel pump failure in flight in my Cirrus which prompted me to move up to the Meridian. Even though I didn’t have to pull the chute, I am a big believer in it. I would not fly any single engine piston other than the Cirrus. Happy to talk about the practicality of each aircraft. My cell is 512-791-6336, call me anytime you want to talk planes.

You also need to come to the Central Texas Cirrus Get Together. It’s at KEDC (Austin Executive Airport) May 6 from 6-9 pm. We had over 100 Cirrus owners at it last year, and this year we will have both 2016 and 2017 SR22Ts on display as well as the Cirrus Jet you can sit in. Jack Long will talk about his polar circumnavigation of the earth last year (the first ever in an unmodified single engine aircraft), and we will have BBQ as well. I see you have your instrument rating. Instrument currency is key to making any plane a safe and reliable mode of transport. Keep it up.



I would be happy to talk to you are show you around my SR22 I live at TE86 and the airplane is at Zuehl Airport 210-606-5192

John Toudouze

Likewise, Pete.

Happy to assist as I can KSAT based.

you can send me a private com for further chat, as needed.

I have been flying for 38 years and am a semi-retired pilot and settled

on an 06 SR22 for my regional movements and have no complaints.

Best of luck. Cheers. Lee

Thanks Lee and John I will be in touch with you guys real soon looking forward to connecting with you both.

Eric thanks again for your time yesterday I enjoyed our chat!


Did you get the email with the POH, etc.?

I sure did… spent some time looking through it last night too! Thanks so much.