SR22T Demo Flight

Hi All,

I am looking at purchasing a G5 or G6 SR22T and I was wondering if anyone here is located in the Houston, TX area and would be willing to take me on a demo/intro flight? I am deciding between a Bonanza and SR22T, but have no direct contacts with a SR owner, and would love to fly right-seat to get a feel for the plane.

Thanks in advance!

Cirrus has factory demo pilots that provide free demo flights. Make your request through the Cirrus website and the local salesperson will contact you. Now why would you want a BO?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Matt Quillen is the Cirrus rep for Houston. 512-940-8126
Eric Hake with Modern Pilot has a Cirrus training center here in Houston (and is an amazing instructor).832-419-7770

Careful on the demo flight - after mine, I purchased a new SR22T in 2020 and am now flying the Vision Jet. It’s addicting!


Thanks Ross!

Tidal Aviation based at Houston Executive has one that I’m using for my advanced transition training (they meet me at KCXO but go to a bunch of different airports to get folks). Nice G6.

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Thanks Jeff! I reached out to them today.

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I failed to follow Ross’s advice of being careful on the demo flight. I just finished my demo flight in an SR22G6 a couple of hours ago with the NE Cirrus rep. WOW! And I exclaim this after finishing my IFR in SR20/22’s. Cirrus just continues to improve its product.

Way too addictive!!!


Careful in the sense that - if you demo, you buy! It’s that nice!

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Take advantage of the free demo flights provided by Cirrus. I was honest with my Cirrus Sales Rep that my interest was a new SR20, 2009 SR20 in terrible condition for a total refurb or a used SR22 G3. The rep totally understood and agreed to give me demo flights in the 22 and 20. I did a demo flight in a brand new 22T and it had that definite WOW factor. Since he was a CFI, he also gave me a logbook entry.

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I have found that to be the case with almost any new aircraft. Demo flights are a dangerous endeavor. Usually made safer by not bringing checkbooks, credit cards, as well as making sure that most of your free cash is invested in less liquid investments. :wink:

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And don’t bring the wife…

The wife can really sink you. Demo flight in a mirage. On a weathery day we took her and the kids straight up to 25,000 feet without oxygen on top of an undercast in smooth air. Got on the ground, and in front of the salesman asked so when are we getting it? So much for negotiating power. Yes we will take it. Retail plus 5%, I will bend over now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::rofl:

Momma and baby happy. Daddy broke.


Lol. I believe my Cirrus deposit specifically says retail plus 5% as standard language.

Soon they’ll need to say retail plus 5% each model year beyond present, at delivery.