Would Like To Learn More

I am a student pilot looking to purchase an airplane. I have reviewed several, online, but only have time in a Cessna 172 and a Mooney M20J. I would like to view/sit-in/possibly fly in a Cirrus SR22. I am in the Fort Worth area and there are no Cirrus aircraft at my home airport. Is there anyone or any place I can go in and around D/FW area to view a Cirrus?


Welcome to COPA and potentially to Cirrus ownership. A couple of suggestions. First, as a non member guest you are restricted from seeing some most of the valuable content on this website. Also many members do not watch that forum so your request makes it to a much smaller pool of COPA members. Consider joining to learn literally tons more about Cirrus operations and ownership. Also, as a member you can search for members by airport code.

I find it unlikely that a large metro area airport has no Cirrus aircraft, more likely they are hidden away in a hangar. It would help if you identified the airport you are nearest and see if anyone is based there. There is also a Cirrus Service Center at Addison, Clear Star Aviation. Finally there are Cirrus factory sales reps that will show you the plane on request, check the Cirrus Aircraft website to find out who has your area.

If you ever get to Phoenix I would be glad to show you my aircraft. I am sure you can see one or even get a ride in one. Good luck.

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