COPA Migration 15- 60 Slots Available at Nashville International (KBNA)

Based on early registration feedback, members of the Migration Planning Team met with airport and ATC officials in an effort to obtain parking slots at Nashville International (KBNA). As a result of this meeting we were allotted 75 slots at (KBNA) which is a short ten-minute ride to the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. These slots have been offered to registered attendees and there are now 60 slots available at KBNA. Atlantic Aviation will be our gracious host, and while there are some limitations noted below, it is a nice alternative to Smyrna (KMQY).

The quick back story: Your planning team initially chose KBNA as our airport of choice. However due to several issues relating to construction at the airport, lack of ramp space, cost to members etc., the decision was made that Smyrna (KMQY) would be the airport used for the event. They have ample space and a very willing FBO (Hollingshead Aviation), but it is a 45- minute ride to the Gaylord Opryland. To ameliorate this, your planning team has arranged for very nice busses to transport you to and from KMQY and will be offering some in ride entertainment.

Because of concerns over the length of the ride from Smyrna, we re-initiated our efforts with KBNA and ATC to obtain some space at KBNA. On July 11, we were able to obtain 75 slots at KBNA with certain limitations:

  • No more than 10 planes per hour will be accepted for arrival on September 13-14.
  • You will need to provide your own transportation to the Gaylord Opryland (Uber or shuttle from the Main terminal)
  • No nighttime ops (due to location on airport)
  • No access to plane during event due to security issues
  • $145 per plane cost (charged by Atlantic assuming 3 night stay)
  • No planes will be allowed to go to Tune (KWJN)
  • Departures on the 17th may experience delays

These spots were first offered to those who registered on or before July 12th and there are now 60 slots available that are offered as an alternative on the Attendee Registration page. We will also develop a reservation slotting system to ensure that no more than 10 planes per hour are scheduled for arrival. Pilots will be expected to meet their time slot or will be turned away. The Attendee Registration Website will be revised with new arrival and departure procedures as needed.

We understand that the stipulations above are limiting, however with the number of airport construction projects planned to be underway at the time of our event this is what the Airport Authority can offer. Our hope is that some will prefer a shorter ride from the airport to event site and others will appreciate the reduced cost offered by Smyrna."


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When will we receive confirmation that we have one of the spots at KBNA. We are hoping we will have a place to land the plane! We replied to the original email requesting a spot and have not gotten confirmation. This is our 1st migration so we are unsure of this process.



Rhonda and Jason, if you replied to the email you are on the list and have a spot at BNA. We will be emailing you soon with confirmations.

Ditto 2

Why? (And it’s KJWN, not KWJN.)

Nowhere to park

Those that registered for M15 stating that you will be landing at KBNA should have received an email from me indicating “Approval”. If you did not, let me know, after you check junk mail :slight_smile: and I will verify email address and resend.

We currently have 35 aircraft landing at KBNA and 75 spots so we are in good shape. The only time frame where we are approaching the 10/hr limitation is 10a Sunday morning (currently 8).

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks.


Is the $145 a ramp fee only or is some fuel included?

Hi Jeffrey,

That fee consists of $20/night parking (assumes 3 nights), $75 event fee, $10 security fee. If no fuel is purchased another 40 will be added. If fuel is purchased they offer a .50 discount/ gallon. No fuel is included in the $145. Hope this helps.


We requested a slot at KBNA on 14 July but did not receive an “Approval” email. Our tail number is N737AP.

Thanks, Al Mathews


Please check to see if I was sent an approval to land in Nashville. I responded to the email but can’t find where it was ever acknowledged either.

My email address is


Dusty Garus


i have still not received my e mail confirm for KBNA



This may be a little late but do you know if there are any more slots available at KBNA arriving Friday am ? And what about departure for Sunday morning ?

Not too late Marlon. I show you arriving Thursday at KMQY 09:30a and departing 09/17 at 10a. If these times are correct (except you will arrive Friday) I can move them over to KBNA. Let me know if these times are correct via email, Once received I can let Atlantic Aviation at KBNA know the details. Thanks.