COPA Annual Meeting 2014

For those that could NOT attend Migration 12, here is the video of the COPA Annual Meeting.

Here are links to sections of the video:

COPA held its annual meeting at M12 Migration in Las Vegas, NV on 10 October 2014.

0:00 Welcome and Introductions - Andy Neimyer
5:56 President’s Report - Andy Neimyer
20:16 COPA Financials - Rick Beach
24:10 Cost of Ownership Programs - Roger Whittier
41:02 COPA Bylaws - Dennis Haber
47:00 Migration M12 - Craig Albright
54:05 Membership - Gil Williamson
59:09 COPA Store - Gil Williamson
1:04:26 Regional Programs - Gil Williamson
1:09:32 Overseas Programs - Timm Preusser
1:20:49 Training Committee - Trip Taylor
1:30:35 Information Technology Committee - John Ylinen
1:38:20 Guidebook demo - John Ylinen
1:42:15 M12 announcements - Craig Albright
1:44:30 COPA Board Elections - Roger Whittier
1:46:30 Questions

That was great. I actually felt like I was there and wish I could be. Thank you board members and all volunteers. I’m already looking forward to M13 [Y]

Great Presentation!! All of the speakers were outstanding. A HUGE thank you to all of you that keep the wings of COPA flying.

Some thoughts:

  1.  501(c)3 is a BIG deal!! Great Job making that happen!
  2.  It’s good to know that Cirrus is listening.  I hope they can lower pricing on parts to help make resale more attractive.
  3.  Jeppesen deal could save us a lot of money…
  4.  David Martin has thicker skin than I [Y]
  5.  I’m jealous of all of you that made it.  I will be at M13!! (Do not schedule it near [World Dairy Expo!!](  Give me 7 days on either side! [;)] )
  6.  Become a volunteer!  Regional coordinators **want** and **need** your help!!

Since I arrived late, I just finished watching it. I suggest that:

  1. Every member with more than a passing interest in the organization watch all 1:52 hrs of it
  2. Watch it in Youtube rather than as an embedded video in the forum, and speed it up to 1.25 normal speed. (This is done by clicking on the gear icon on the bottom margin.)
    Thanks to JohnY for putting up the video and to all volunteers for putting on a great Migration.

I just realized that it works well even at 1.5X the speed!!! [:)]

I clicked the gear but there is nothing showing how to increase the speed to 1.5X. I’ve done this before on other long videos but cannot find out how to make it work for this one. Am I doing something wrong?


A quick Google suggests speed control may not be universally available. Does your browser have HTML5 enabled? Search for YouTube’s HTML 5 page and, if needed, enable it.

I admit this is just a guess.

The Youtube ‘gear’ control did not appear for me in Safari (which also I also have block Google cookies), but did in a Chrome browser that was logged in to a Google account.

Thanks, Chrome browser works. Now I can speed through these long lectures [Y]

Ok, I am surprised that only 189 views so far. Lets see 3777 members.