COPA Migration 10 - Homecoming Special Keynote Presentations!

Don’t Miss the COPA Annual Meeting and Keynote Speakers at Migration 10 – Homecoming

For the first time since COPA’s inception, the Association’s Annual Meeting
will be held at Migration this year. The meeting will kickoff the Friday seminars and includes a comprehensive review of “All Things COPA”
by President Curt Sanford and the COPA Board of Directors. Members will
also be voting on new Board Members whose terms will expire at the end of the year. Part of this lead-off keynote presentation will include a very special recognition event, as well as a unique talk on Haitian Relief efforts. The event begins at 8:30 a.m., Friday, July 6 at the DECC Lake Superior Ballroom complex.

Saturday morning will start with COPA’s comprehensive Annual Safety Review .
The Review will be led by Cirrus flight safety expert, COPA Board Member and Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program Director, Rick Beach. This year we’ve allotted more time for this always well-attended presentation, where Rick reviews the year’s accidents, CAPS pulls, and other interesting safety statistics. The Annual Safety Review will start
at 8:30 a.m. at the DECC.

Immediately following Rick’s presentation, COPA member, Dr. Dick McGlaughlin, will give a play-by-play account of his CAPS pull and water survival and helicopter rescue
near the Bahamas. You may have read the forums and maybe even the article in Cirrus Pilot regarding Dick’s experience, but hearing directly from him can only bring more insight to the situation.
keynote seminars have always been a valuable learning tool to those who
attend. So register now for Migration 10 – Homecoming and be a part of becoming a better Cirrus pilot!