COPA Migration 13 Recorded Sessions Available Now

We have many new COPA members. Some have not attended our annual event, migration. The Migration Chairman, Craig Albright contracted to have the annual COPA membership meeting and the annual safety and training update recorded. Since that required an 8 hour commitment, he had the other sessions in that room recorded as well. This will allow those that could not attend to see the incredible content and information that is shared at these events. Do not assume that recorded sessions will be a part of future migration events.

If you have not, mark your calendars for Migration 14 in Duluth, MN 8-11 September 2015. This will be the first time in 4 years that COPA has returned to the Cirrus factory. It will be a fantastic event, with lots of information about the new SF50 jet available.

COPA Annual Meeting 2015

COPA Annual Safety and Training Update 2015

COPA Migration 13, Legacy Trends Issues & Upgrade Paths Session

Back by popular demand, Tim Timmerman of Cirrus Aircraft will share his expertise about issues that affect “legacy" Cirrus aircraft, structural issues that may impact owners when upgrading avionics, supporting ADS-B, and ongoing concerns many have about parts cost and availability from Cirrus Aircraft. Tim will also share information about the many roles he and his engineering team have, while working to improve the reliability of owner’s aircraft and how improvements can be implemented.

Tim Timmerman is the Director of the SR2X Program for Cirrus Aircraft and also a technical liaison for COPA. He has been with Cirrus Aircraft since 2000 and is currently responsible for new product development along with production and field engineering support for the piston aircraft fleet. Prior to joining Cirrus, Tim spent six years with Lockheed Martin as a composites structural engineer on thrust reversers, rockets, and interplanetary spacecraft. Tim graduated with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver, and a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Minnesota. He has been a pilot since 2000, holds commercial single and multi-engine instrument ratings and is a co-owner of a 2002 six-pack SR20.

COPA Migration 13 ADS-B and How it will Affect You

This session will describe ADS-B and the differences of OUT versus IN; the airspace where ADS-B will be required; the traffic and weather options included with some products; approximate costs to meet the mandated requirement and time to answer questions you may have.

Thanks for doing this! May the wisdom of this event spread even further across the COPA community.

Much appreciated from this Cirrus pilot!

What most attendees don’t realize is that John had to turn handsprings to make this happen! Although we contracted with the hotel’s A/V subcontractor to set up and record these sessions, there were problems with the data after the event. Based on experiences in the past, COPA provided two external hard drives to capture the video and sound rather than attempt live streaming A/V. The subcontractor provided the camera, camera operator, recording equipment, and a recording technician. For whatever the reason, the data was corrupted when we first received the drives … which was considerably after the event was over. And, after many emails, John still spent several days obtaining replacement files via the internet. (These are BIG files!) Then, he had to process the raw data into something everyone could actually view. Finally, he was able to post it for your review. *All in all, it was a lot of extra work for John! *Please join me in expressing your appreciation of his efforts. [:D]


Thank you John! I’ll kiss you next time I see you!

I am surprised at the few number of views:

1: Annual Meeting: 47 Views

  1. Safety and Training Update: 75 Views

  2. Tim Timmerman SR Fleet update: 56 Views

  3. FAA ADS-B Presentation: 37 Views.

Many have said that having the sessions would be a good idea and members not able to attend migration would watch Some even suggested having a fee. Clearly it is not that way, Glad the committee did not invest in recording them all.

John, I plan to watch, but haven’t gotten the chance yet. Thanks for putting these online.

I am going through the videos and have two comments:

  • THANK YOU for posting this online! For those who could not attend, this is extremely valuable!
  • Tim’s video refers to some slides. Is there a chance to get a copy of the slides posted as well?

To which session? The migration committee did not require speakers to turn in their slide decks. Rick has posted his to the COPASAFETY channel on Youtube. Andy could probably make his available.

Tim’s talk on aging aircraft refers to a slide deck.

Calling Tim Timmerman. Would you mind attaching your M13 presentation to this thread? Probably PDF is best and smallest.