Cirrus SR22 G7


When will they announce the upgrades for 2022?

I heard from a reliable source that there will not be a G7 in 2022. Apparently Cirrus laid off the engineer team working on the G7 when Covid happened. Now they are only just putting the team back together to continue the program. That and part shortages means the G7 is at least a year out apparently.

Price increase for next year will be 5%.

Nice, now this thread is starting to live up to its title.


With that price increase you will need to be a member of the G7 to afford a G7….:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Says the guy with his and her airplanes. :wink:

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Curious : what have been the traditional increases within the same Generation in the past years ?

C’mon, Chuck-get it right!

His, Hers, and Joint Custody :grinning:


2.5% to 3.5%

I’ve heard no more than 3.5%….but let’s face it, until CX, we won’t know for sure.

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It’s a big event in January where Cirrus invites its partners, CSIPs and others. They announce what to expect for the next year including, but not limited to, the current year prices. I’ve never been invited so that’s about all I know!

CX 2022 kicks off on tues 1/11.

Whatever gets announced will certainly get posted on COPA.

For CX 2021, Cirrus announced an SR22 with a beautiful green/yellow paint scheme, and some really swanky cup holders…

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Consider yourself invited.

Now that COPA and Cirrus are partnering (Magazine ads, sponsorship of Migration, supporting COPA U) and since you’re a board member I’d say that qualifies.

January 10 - 13 in Knoxville. If you’re really interested I’ll send you a registration link.


Aha! I will mark it on my calendar and await the impact on my checkbook. Hopefully there will be a new color also that will help break the tie with my family (four people, four different choices…)

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I measured the T hangar dimensions.

The front part of the hangar is 6" longer than the distance from the nose to the trailing edge.

So, 3" between the nose and the door, and 3" between the trailing edge and the front of the T cutout.

That’s tight.

That is tight. Even a little bit off-axis will make that even closer. Also keep in mind that you won’t be able to walk in front of the airplane or along the wall of the “T” to get around in your hangar without ducking under the nose or wing. IMO that hangar won’t work.

A creative solution is to cut out a section of the door where the nose would be and put an extended box there for it. With a swing-forward door, that could work. Obviously not for a sliding door or for a hangar you don’t own.

Capital T tight…

It’s a city-owned hangar, unfortunately.

The hangar door inside width is 42’ 7" and the wingspan is 38’ 9" so I would be able to get past the wingtip. I’m a skinny kid…

My biggest concern is not that I’d have to open the door partway to do much, as I already do that due to poor overhead lighting, it’s that I’m nervous about pushing it too far in and hitting the trailing edge of the flaps.

To prevent that, I’d get the plane in the right position the first time with plenty of helpers, and then install big (too big to push over or move) chocks/blocks on the floor in back of all the wheels. That would prevent me from pushing back too far when doing it myself.

I’d also paint some long lead-in lines for each wheel to make sure I’m fully aligned prior to the mains crossing the lip.

I also noticed last night that the dimensional diagram shows that the trailing edge tapers forward slightly. The nose to trailing edge dimension, which is the critical one, is measured at the fuselage. So, as the wings tapers a bit, there would be perhaps another inch or so several feet outboard from the wing root.

I’ll take all the clearance I can get.

I use these and cut off the little front by ohh have double sided tape to stick to the floor and give a perfect parking stop every time afte you get it figured out.


It’s not the wingtip that will force you to slither. It’s here:


Yeah, already thought about that.

The area around the tail has the extra space for hangar stuff, but how do you get back there with only inches between the flaps and the start of the tail area cut-out?