Generation 6?

The G3 series of planes were around for 5 years, we are coming up on 5 years for G5. Any speculation of when G6 aircraft will be announced/produced?

Sometime after the SF50. If it does not enjoy a smooth launch, I predict radical changes to the SR line.

Not sure about radical changes, why changing the most successful 4 seat GA airplane. That said, I expect G3000 and fadec engines and/or Diesel engines. On my wish list would be a ( lightly ) pressurized cabin optionally with an extended cabin for seating of 5 Adult passengers plus 1 pilot. Very cool would be an emergency auto land feature, but I don’t expect that in the next generation.

G3000 seems to be a logical move for the G6 srxx - especially if cirrus is using the g3000 on the sf50 and they claim to have the production line started for the jet.

Which would that be, looking out 3 years ahead?

Continental was supposed to provide their new 300 hp Diesel engine to Cirrus this year for testing, not sure if this is still the case. If true, 3-4 years seems plausible.

+1 for FADEC and Auto-land

Those are exactly what I would expect (probably G2000 a la the Cessna TTX), a choice in power plants and pressurization. I would consider those changes radical given the glacial pace of changes approved by the FAA.

Also Stephan, the SR in your avatar has the best looking color combo I have ever seen…I’m guessing the Kalahari Edition is not available in the US? Is that orange or red that looks orange?

The company will tweek the plane with cosmetic changes for the foreseeable future but no major new investment/changes for several years while they make jets.

The only real upgrade they could make would require re-certification…like changing the Garmin panel to a G2000.

To make the plane pressurized would require a clean-sheet design change…that will never happen. And the TSIO550K is already ready for the new fuels.

FADEC is long overdue, G3000 will be necessary to remain competative. Also, a proper AOA mounted above the glare shield not on the PFD.

There is one incredibly important safety and convenience feature that must make it to G6. The lack of it has caused countless headache for the owners, some unauthorized airframe modifications endangering safety of flight, and multiple purchases to try several not working or semi working solutions. The lack of this feature also holds the record for number of threads on COPA. I am surprised nobody mentioned it yet.

I am of course talking about ipad holder. I claim that this is even more important then cup holder !

I was thinking GoPro mounts.

From the G3000 product page:

“Garmin G3000: Bringing 20 years of Garmin avionics innovation right to your fingertips. And it promises to be one of the simplest, most intuitive electronic flight deck systems ever designed for Part 23 turbine aircraft.”

Are there any pistons with a G3000? Any 2 screen installs? Seeing the price differential on aircraft that offer both G1000 and G3000 (e.g., Phenom and now TBM) indicates to me that this change alone would push the SR22 over a million dollars.

Who do they need to remain competitive with, jets? A G2000 type system seems more likely if they do decide to switch things up. Looking at the piston single market I don’t see anyone who is beating Cirrus technology wise. If Cirrus wants to remain competitive they will need to control price and a G3000 would not help that at all.

Simple? Intuitive? OMG [:P] This must be a relative assessment, implying that all other Part 23 flight decks require a Ph.D. in systems engineering to understand.

I have not heard or read a single comment from anyone who flies the G3000 calling it either simple or intuitive. Several have remarked that they don’t see it as a significant advance over the Perspective system. Sounds like it would be a big investment for Cirrus for little real value to the pilot in return. Be careful what you ask for.

Here is my wish list for a G6 version:

  • Jet A burning powerplant

  • G1000 or equivalent Avidyne instruments

  • NA, Not FIKI but TKS equipped

  • $500,000 retail

Perhaps I am dreaming…

Thank you for the compliments, saw the color combo last year in OSH and fell in love. Orange color is tangerine orange, this Kalahari design has been produced for the South African market, you can ask for it, should be no problem to order.

Be surprised, what Cirrus will have in store for us. Cirrus understands that the SR business drives their Jet business. A Diesel engine is important for European, African markets and other remote locations where Avgas is not even available. Also, with a Diesel jet a engine, you can down fuel and get more useful load in the cabin. There is a chance that the carbon manufacturing technology from the jet will be carried over to the SR line to allow mild pressurization, less weight and lower production cost. Avionics will be the same ( G3000) on both platforms to make transition easier. I am pretty excited, if there is one company which can pull this off , I would bet on Cirrus.

Yes, of course iPad and GoPro mounts on a G6. Goes without saying.

But I want something else: switches on the ceiling.

All the cool kids have switches on the ceiling. Preferably something that needs to be pressed during the startup checklist. (the strobes maybe!).

Maybe not to this extent but you get the idea:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.30.23 PM.png

You CAN’T pressurize our airplane, the windows are backwards. They would have to recertify the whole thing. Big money, I bet.