Cirrus SR22 G7

Anyone know when Cirrus will introduce the G7 line of SR planes? I don’t want to buy a G6 Cirrus now only to discover that the G7 is coming out the following year.

Hi Dan,

I have no inside info on this, but I wouldn’t think that Cirrus would introduce a G7 this or next year, just because of the COVID effects, supply chain slowdowns, temporary layoffs, work from home, etc. Also, when Cirrus introduces the G7, they’re going to want to do it when they can maximize marketing for it. Things are getting back on track for them and sales are surprisingly strong, with all that has been going on, I’d be very surprised if 2021 was the year. My guess would be 2022.

Just my humble opinion

IMO The only significant improvement rectifying a new SR generation would be a fadec engine which opens the avenue for auto throttle and safe return. To my knowledge there is no fadec engine on the horizon with the exception of a Lycoming engine which runs on avgas and not jet-a.
With the new CEO coming from Tesla Cirrus will probably explore their options for urban mobility And electric propulsion for the training market.

If the Diamond DA50 somehow starts to cannibalize SR sales (although definitely not apples to apple), or even the DA62 despite its higher price tag, then Cirrus might be pressured into developing a G7 sooner than later. But the pressure is not there at the moment. Also, I suspect Cirrus has more R&D prioritized for the VisionJet for the time being given it’s still only a G2 version at the moment.

Personally, I would love to see an SR with FADEC, Jet A and an incremental 200nm range. That would be a plane I would strongly consider upgrading my SR22T to if that were part of a G7 game plan.

For what it’s worth, our local sales rep said there are no planned changes for 2021. He seemed very certain and genuinely candid on this topic. But… who knows! G2/SafeReturn came crazily quick for the Vision Jet.

Has Cirrus ever looked at pressurization, akin to the evolution of the C-210T.

Search. No. That would be the P-210, and the Evolution are quite different planes :slight_smile:

Thanks I misspelled C-P210. Also I meant evolution as a verb. The 210 didn’t start with pressurization, but was added as an option later in its production. I was wondering if Cirrus had ever contemplated pressurizing a version of the SR-22T. Probably doesn’t make sense because of weight and complexity but it would be an interesting plane.