Cirrus SR 22 - N436KS - September 17, 2012 In Willard, MO.

Forgive me for intruding back on this storied Forum, but, I can’t believe this accident. It has made me stop my work as I became so wrapped up in this…no flight aware tracking and no preliminary information other than Five (5) Fatalities and an entire family wiped out. The owners and not sure which one of the owners was the pilot but am assuming the man was the PIC. Flying a 2002 Cirrus SR22 with FOUR (4) seats but FIVE people left near Kansas City at midnight with some significant weather and crashed in Willard, MO. Sounds like the plane had either stalled and spun in or the pilot was disoriented and flew it into the ground.

Apparently it involved a beautiful family with two bright business and community leaders. I just can’t fathom how they could be so bright in their personal and business lives and be so STUPID as a pilot. There but for the Grace of God go a lot of us, but, this accident is beyond the pale. I did love flying my Cirrus. My wife just didn’t like the seating arrangements in our SR22 N364CD.

My sympathy to what remains behind of these folks and for the entire Cirrus Pilot community. We all need to learn from these STUPID decisions and there were many in this situation. My plane has six (6) seats and people keep asking me why I took two of them out. I said I just got tired of people asking to fly with me. It prevents me from even thiking about it. My Lord, FIVE people in a 2002 SR22.

Herb Martin


We are all talking about this accident on the member side of the forum. Lots of questions here and few answers so far.