Cirrus Engine may go digital next year!

In most recent issue of Popular Mechanics (or Popular Science? - Sorry, I tore it out before tossing the mag) there is a report that:

“Small Powerplants Go Digital”

Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) is about to enter private aviation. The FAA is expected to give the go-ahead to Aerosance of Farmington, Conn. to market a system that converts small piston engines . . . into a FADEC powerplant.

“FADEC Engines start like a modern automobile and the need to adjust mixture control is eliminated.”

The article reports that Lancair and Cirrus may offer FADEC beginning next year. Not confirmed by Cirrus in the article.

(Not much more info in the article, picture of FADEC equipped Cessna.) No relation to recent SR20 enging failure, article came out earlier.

Seperately, Bill Klett told me that this type of engine mod should significantly increase fuel efficiency but would still require back up magneto as FADEC is non-functional if electrical system fails.

This info may have been put out by the Conn. company hoping Lancair and Cirrus would take note?

Scott K.