FADEC on IO 360?

Hi to everybody. As SR20 order older, I’m not fully unhappy to wait so long time because, instrument, avionics, comfort and performance aircraft are first reason because I decide to buy an Cirrus and costantly update of it, will improve my happy later.
In addition here in Italy where I live, isn’t like USA (difficult find maintenance and problem solving in case…), so better wait a little bit that stay on the ground later.

I have big interest on the FADEC TDC on the IO 360 engine.
I visited Cirrus last Feb. 28th hearing this is something they are working on. The 200 hp FADEC should show 230 hp (nice thing for the SR20 I think), with actual problem that FADEC managed in a standard way costant speed propeller and not the Cirrus single-lever.

Some of you could inform me if he knows web-site, forum etc were I could find some info on this?

Many thank in advance for your kind cooperation.