Parachute Repack delays

Last year I upgraded from a 182 to SR22T now my airplane has been in the shop waiting for a parachute repack for the last 2 months. Is anyone else experiencing delays like this waiting for parts from Cirrus?

This is starting to make me second guess my decision to buy a Cirrus.

How far ahead of time did you notify the shop that you were going to need the CAPS repack? Also adding to the delay is the fact that it has to be shipped as HAZMAT.

3 months

Well, that should have been sufficient.

Parachute & Line Cutters have had supply chain issues in the past.

Typically I would say that your 3 month lead time would have been sufficient. However, that would have been RIGHT before all of the current COVID situations. I know what travel restrictions and otherwise have caused supply chain issues, which I’ve heard are getting better.

Aside from those two components though, it typically isn’t a huge deal unless something weird. (In my experience)

Just do like me. I never plan on doing a re-pack. First cirrus I bought had 9 years left on the re-pack, sold it with 4 years left. Upgraded. have had my current cirrus for almost 3 years, still have 6 years remaining. While I love my airplane, I see myself upgrading to something newer before the next 6 years are up

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I am going to definitely take your advice.

In mid March during the beginning of the pandemic shut I was due to receive my new interior from SCS. I was nervous they could not complete the order but the company’s owner assured me the interior would be completed because of them being an “essential business”. I received my order exactly when promised. Now my question is why is Cirrus different?

I owned a Cirrus for 8 months and it has been sitting in a maintenance hanger for almost 3 months. This is making me question why I put my money in Cirrus. When I owned and operated a Cessna or Piper airplane I never had this issue with parts. Might be time to start burning Jet A in a Meridian!!

I cannot say for sure, but in comparing SCS to your parachute.

SCS = Does the work in house, so yes, they are an essential business and can just work to get it done. Assuming they had the materials

Parachute = This requires the rocket, parachute, etc, some of which I know is sourced from overseas and not stuff just “sitting on the shelf” waiting to be sewn together. Additionally there was a period at least in Minnesota where Cirrus was NOT considered essential and had to close as well, but I don’t think it is that impacting the parachute.

Not necessarily defending Cirrus, but at least comparing these two situations it is easy to see how the two would be impacted differently by the current crisis.

The parachute is a once every 10 year sort of maintenance experience and typically with a bit of pre-panning goes off without a hitch, throw COVID in there and it can change the game.

If you haven’t yet, and you are now past your date you could try having your SC get in contact with Cirrus escalating as an AOG Issue, I know at times that has helped


Which items in the CAPS system are “sourced overseas”?


From what I’ve been told propellant for the rocket, but I do not know this for sure. I just know that Line Cutters & Parachutes are impacted if trade is impacted overseas.

This is inexcusable.

Cirrus Corp knows how many units were produced each month and year, which planes have current registration, and obviously knows the life limits of each of their components. Just in time inventory management was mastered by tech companies and Walmart back in the 90’s and at a much larger scale. So there is no reason Cirrus should not have life limited parts on hand, ready to ship when ordered.

This is simply poor management.



I absolutely agree with everything you have to say regarding this issues. Cirrus Corp know about how many life limit parts they will need monthly and should have parts ready to ship. My local Cirrus Service Center is extremely efficient with fixing airplanes and customer service but this problem is out of there control. During the course of the COVID 19 pandemic my business experienced delayed with product but it was my job in management to make sure we solve the problem and keep customers satisfied. I would be okay with a few week delay but I am not willing to accept a few months. This problem is absolutely poor management at Cirrus Corp.

Next week the plane will be sitting for 3 months and I only owned it for 8 months. The Service Center has another SR22 wait for a parachute since March. Absolutely poor management.


What service center are you using and did you verify they placed the order with Cirrus when you placed it with the SC?

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Everyone says it is poor management by Cirrus, and that may be right. But it could be something that is out of their control.

If it is the second thing, they owe everyone clear, honest communications about the situation. If they cannot or will not provide that, it is fair to assume it is the first thing.

Either way, shame on them. They could be trying to avoid disclosing that there is a limited supply chain and they are prioritizing new aircraft sales over AOG owners.

I just had a conversation with Kevin at Cirrus support. He said “ we are experiencing a delay because of the high demand of parachutes for 2011 aircraft and delivery of new airplanes. He said “ it’s the baby boom of 2011”. I understand the demand for parachutes but this is something the company could have planned and handled properly.


I am working on that now.

If that is the reason maybe they should invest in a copy of EXCEL??


Agreed. CAPS repack dates and demand for parts are 99% predictable. No excuse for owners to be AOG for this long.

If Cirrus has known issues with suppliers that will prohibit them from meeting known demand on repacks, then need to put out a press release or post in our forums about the problems and how they are being resolved. Owners should not be in the dark.