CAPS Repack Locations

I’m amazed at the escalation in pricing since 2011. I did some of the first repacks while running Platinum Aviation in Fort Lauderdale. Back then, a G1 was $11,500 all in. With the conversion to electronic ignition, there is some additional expense. But the estimates I see are greatly inflated in some areas, which simply reflects what the local market conditions are. A range of plus or minus $8000 for the exact same work. I do see some exceptionally high numbers for paint work, which is not difficult or expensive. The OEM paint is very easy to blend and a good tech can do that in one day of prep and prime, and a half day of topcoating. Then a half day for wet sanding and polishing the blend line. It’s even less if the N number is being replaced at the same time. But we also have to give shops credit for working with the disastrous supply issues from Cirrus. Whomever is in charge of chutes at Cirrus should be fired. There is zero excuse for not having adequate supply of parts when they have ten years advance notice. Cirrus knows how many parts they need every week for this. In 2026, when all the 07’s come due for their second repack, will Cirrus have enough parts? 2006/2007 was the peak of production, and the second refurb requires a new chute. Will they have 700 chutes available? When they couldn’t get 350 chutes for the 2001 models second refurb?


Don’t forget to account for normal inflation over time. Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Inflation Calculator, $11,500 in January 2011 has the same buying power as $15,600 in October 2022. So, if you add in say $3,000 - $3,500 for electronic conversion and any required SB’s, you are right at $19k today even using the $11,500 benchmark in 2011 adjusted for inflation. I guess anything above $19k would represent pure escalation in pricing.



Sent an email. That’s helpful to know.


My G1 was in the 22k range all-in. This included the igniter replacement.

Are they possibly quoting a new MCU as part of the job? The new igniter requires that the MCU pass certain tests. If yours does not, you’ll be in for more AMUs to get a rebuilt and the labor to replace it. Your shop might be assuming the worst case scenario.

FlyAdvanced is currently booking in September for chute repacking. 10k to get on the schedule and about another 10k to get her done. Great folks!

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Had my repack done at DLK. Couldn’t have been happier with their price or their service. Their price, by the way, was about $5K less than the other options i considered. Mac is telling it straight in his email and they have, in fact, done more repacks than at any other Cirrus Service Center.

about how much was it?

How is a G1 plane with a Lamar MCU get electronically upgraded? The Lamar preceded the MCU100 and I wouldn’t want to have to give it up

Had it done in 2019 so this number is dated, but it was in the $15K range and it seems it was 2-3K less than other options.