This plane has been on the market since this summer - Any ideas why????

Are G 1’s hard to sell?

Is the avionics package the problem?

Is the supercharger the problem?

Is it overpriced?

I don’t believe that is a G1

Good question, FAA registry shows it as a 2003 ( It sure is loaded, low time engine. Wonder if there’s a damage history?

If that serial number is accurate, it is indeed a G1, obviously with many add-on features such as the Supercharger and 4-blade prop.

Any reason to not buy it???

Another dealer told me that Supercharger’s have caused accidents? BS? or true???

Would this airplane be hard to sell if I want out of it at some point?

R9, new OH engine, new leather seat (covers), LoPresti gear fairings and lights, etc. too. Apparently the owner spared no upgrade expense, or figured all this new stuff would aid in the sale process. Or both.

The aircraft in question is a late model G1 with TKS wings and full glass panel. I owned on very much like this.

Aircraft prices vary wildly depending upon condition and upgrades.

It looks like this aircraft has had major avionics upgrades and a 4 blade tks prop, LoPresti accessories.

In short, you will find the Cirrus G1 era aircraft ranging from junk value to one with a run-out engine (50-60k) and old avionics to a totally restored and upgraded aircraft with new everything.

An aircraft is merely a shell in which to pour money and passion. Perception and ego also have their value.

Objectively, the G1 is one of the best values to be had, flying at the same speed as the later models and often having more payload capacity than a G3

Conversely, some folks don’t mind spending more money in exchange for bragging rights to the latest and greatest. Others find value in operations rather than the latest model.

David, seems like a really nice plane. If I was in the market right now, I’d most certainly make an offer on this one. Truly best of breed for the G1. The R9 has all the capability of the G1000. It’d be truly impossible methinks to buy an older stock G1 and convert it to have all these upgrades for anywhere near this price.

I agree provided the engine overhaul was done by a reputable shop and is properly broken in. I also would be sure there was no significant damage history.

The asking price is high for a G1, but this one has been highly modified and may represent a good buy - especially if you plan to keep it for a long time.

Nice plane, but you can get a G2 for the same price. The Chute repack is really the hassle with all G1 as it will require bodywork.

I have no information about the plane itself but I was quietly giggling about the name of a former owner. The registration database shows this company as a prior owner:


Looks like new from the outside…an extremely well taken care of plane.

New engine and R-9 probably cost $100k and there are many other upgrades.

I did not see any mention of 6 point engine mount nor ADS-B capability.

I would add these upgrades to total price.

The chute may have been replaced prior to the required electric firing system so next

change may be expensive.

Wife probably making him sell it : )

Make an offer

The repack costs about $2500 to $3K more due to requiring some body and paint work. Done every 10 years it is rounding error in the cost of operation. Get a good G1 for significantly less and you are far ahead - at least on the cost side of that issue. For example, if you fly a 100 hours a year it adds 3 bucks an hour to operating costs over ten years. But the plane might be $30K or more less to buy. That is ten repacks [;)]

I do agree that a G2 is in that price range and may be a better buy long term, but that is a buyers decision.

My take on that plane is it appears well optioned and well maintained. Assuming those to be true, it is a great find. It is also well over the selling price of any G1 on the market and as such going to sit on the market just for that reason (great plane or not). Another COPA member tried to sell his clean, painted and well equipped G1 for a year at a much lower price (still well over 200K). And couldn’t.

It is an individual decision. Bought and intended to fly for many years a clean plane low time engine and great additions is an easy decision. If buying to use for a few years and then trade up, you will either lose a lot of money or it will sit on the market as this one has waiting for the right buyer.

All things have consequences.

For what it’s worth I know this aircraft intimately. But this is for a members only side discussion.

How intimate? Inquiring minds want to know. Photos in the Hot Section please.

What Alex said. Spend $65 to help your $225k decision.

I know this is the guest discussion page, but im going to answer this with my opinion anyway. Again, just my opinion. Its not that its “over priced” but that for the price, thats not what i want. I purchased last year a G2 NA with factory a/c and a factory brand new engine and over hauled prop for $275k. That is just $11k more than what they are asking.

For me, why i didnt and would consider this airplane: for that price, i want a G2. For that price, i want factory air. Im not a fan of the interior, and would end up spending money replacing it. Mine has the original SE22 black leather seats with red stitching, it looks sharp… but even now some times i flirt with getting a more modern looking seat instead of that old style, but, i like the black with red stitching, still looks custom (and was custom for 50 airplanes). I just couldnt live with that interior. Im also not a fan of the outside graphics, so for me, that would be more money as well in replacing. Avionics look great. Ive never flown behind an R9 but i know its an extremely capable platform. So that is no negative at all. I live in the South East and most of my flying is between 5,000 and 10,000 feet, so the added expense of a turbo or super charged engine just not worth it. If i lived out west, absolutely id look into the supercharged or turbo model.

All that said, biggest deal breaker for me in that price range is there is no air-conditioning and a g1. So all personal preference in my view point. i dont see anything “wrong” with the plane, i just think its a harder sell than others in the price range

You bought a G3 like that for $176K? I need to know who found that for you!

No kidding. Was it an SR20?

Brendon’s plane: N141PG

'08 SR20

No comparison

“Engine without much time on it…” It had ~900 hours on the original engine.

Nice airplane though, in seemingly good shape.