just join as a guest member for now. Im purchasing a SR 22 G2 in next couple days. Which way do i go with a CAPS that needs to be replaced. Which is the less expensive route. New to Cirrus. As soon i as purchase plane, planning on becoming a paid member. Thanks for any info.

I would join first, lots of good pre-buy information. You will save the $65 many times over.

As far as CAPS replacement, I believe that you have no choices. The new electric ignition is the only means to keep the aircraft airworthy. Hope this helps.

Hi Bo,

Welcome to COPA.

The most important advice I can give you is if you are only a few days from buying an SR22, you should have started your paid membership about 3 months ago! There is a huge amount of information on the members side which any prospective owner should avail themselves of. Once you have searched the members side of the forum, you will be in a position to focus your question much more and get a more meaningful response.

In general terms, it is more cost effective to buy an aircraft which already has the work done, but you can get a good deal either way if you are well informed of the pricing and detail of what is involved in the work. Also consider getting Savvy involved in the pre-buy.

Good luck with your purchase.

The replacement costs ~$16k so just price it in at ~$133 per month remaining. I think that’s the easiest part of the cirrus to value. Valuing an engine? That’s tougher


Since it seems you’ve already decided to pull the trigger, you’re effectively “saving” two days interest on $65, no? In your shoes I’d join COPA today, and I’d delay the purchase decision until I’d digested the overwhelming depth of information available on the member’s side.

Really, none of us get real or psychic income from exhorting you to join. The alternative simply doesn’t make sense for a soon-to-be owner.