C.A.P.S. System

I’m new to your guest forum. Looking to “pick the brains” of the brotherhood of SR “Drivers”, as I am considering moving up to a Cirrus soon. Having said that, here’s the first of many questions I will be shooting… Does the C.A.P.S. system have an F.A.A. requirement to be replaced every 10 years? I understand the necessity of inspecting parachute rigging, I just want to better understand what regulations exist regarding the maintenance of the system. Thanks in advance for any intell. I look forward to learning from all of you

Dean, here is your answer. The rocket and parachute have to be replaced with a new or recharged/repacked unit every 10 years. Note that BRS has recently announced a repack kit that significantly undercut’s Cirrus’ very high price (by more than 50%).

If you are considering purchasing a Cirrus, spend the best aviation $65 you will ever spend and join COPA. There is almost nothing in the Public forum and few members even bother to go here. There is so much information on the Member’s side it is like drinking from a fire hose.

Oh, and if you search for information about CAPS, type it without the periods between the letters.

Yes it has to be redone ever 10yrs and is around $10k plus depending model and vintage. The early planes are more expensive as there is composite work required for access.
You should join COPA as it’s the best $65 spent in flying. Likely all of your questions have already need thoroughly answered and available by searching the threads. Much good non Cirrus info too.

With BRS’s new offering, it would be more like half of that.

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yup, he don told you right!

I have often said, I would never have bought any plane if I didn’t have COPA as a source of information and support, Have had my plane 5 yrs, and its worked out well.

Even if you end up not buying something , you’ll learn enough to make the decision.