First Cirrus Purchase


I’m interesting in purchasing my first Cirrus (as my first airplane). I’m looking at 1999-2006 SR20’s. I’m wondering what stuff I should look out for? Is there someone I can connect with to help me and answer questions?


Welcome! COPA has tons of information that you can spend hours (days!) reading on the Member’s side about the pluses and minuses of each Generation (G1-G6). For 2001- 2006 I believe you are G1or G2 as I believe G3 started in 2007.

A $65 annual membership in COPA is the best aviation money you will spend. Not only will it save you time and money in your purchase, following the Forums and attending CPPP’s will make you a safer pilot. Some join and start learning!

I would start with MSB05-8B and learn as much as you can about Continental Motors indicated in the MSB with a birth date prior to August 2005 with part number 655516 (others as well). Or you may get a surprise AD shortly after closing with the rest of us with pre-August 05 motors.
Camshaft gear SB MSB05-8B.pdf (1.32 MB)

Ignore him. It does not affect SR-20s.

The camshaft gear service bulletin does not apply to the SR20!

Awesome advise. Thanks

definitely join and start reading. Tons of info on here. wish i did what you did before i bought my 2002 SR22. Had no clue what to look for and even though my A&P swore up and down he knew cirrus and he was doing an annual on 2 of them, he knew jack about cirrus and costed me a pretty penny.

I stand corrected, I did not see “20”. Thank you.



Can I suggest that you do what I did and find a CSIP (Cirrus Standardised Instructor Programme) instructor with access to both SR 20 and 22 and fly both aircraft with them? You may find, as I did, that an SR 22 is a better bet, especially if you have or plan to get an IR.

Don’t get me wrong: an SR 20 is a fine aircraft and there are many happy owners. But I don’t know any SR 22 owners who wish they had bought an SR 20 instead.

I can think of 1000…right now with that MSB turning into an AD…

I can barely afford an SR 20, let alone a 22, but thanks for the advice.