Belly cleaners: Fantastik??

I was trying to clean the oil residue off the belly today with wash-wax-all. That doesn’t seem to work at all. The line guy had me try some fantastik on an inconspicuous spot and that seemed to work fairly well. Does anyone know if this is reasonably safe for the finish???

Try Dow Scrubbing Bubbles on the belly of the plane.

Spray on wait about two minutes wipe off rinse.


I second this. Works great!


Ther was a post some months ago that suggested Greased Lightning available at Lowes, and works extremely well.

18 oz.
P/N 09-00168 $8.600

Is available from Aircraft Spruce, also in gallon size. Use the search function to find previous thread.

The label on Greased Lightening says it should NOT be used on painted surfaces

This works really well!!