Aviation Community

First I want to say THANK YOU!!! to Mike and fellow COPA members who helped to double check for bugs in the software. Now that that’s done, I’d like to openly invite aviation enthusiasts and fellow pilots to http://iam.staticport.com/?cmd=mainhttp://iam.staticport.com.

IAM.Staticport.com is a fully interactive community site that allows you to maintain your own webpage within the site. You can host forums, pictures, galleries, journal entries as well as being able to send instant messages in addition to many other automated features. We have an events engine that you can post events in as well as a “dating” search function.

Membership is free. The only requirement is that you’re in the aviation world. We invite everyone from student pilots to 25,000 hour veterans, AME’s and ATC employees, ramp workers and anyone else with a love of aviation.

The site is very small right now, the more people that join, the more fun it becomes. Hopefully I’ll see you there! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at rachel@staticport.com or message me on IAM. My username is Rachel.

Thanks again to everyone on the COPA who took the time to help me out. I’m now going back to baking a cake for my daughter’s first birthday party!