Who's on First?

Fellow Pilots:

I have been reading the public forum for months, a COPA member for less than 2. Like a lot of you, I think I have learned a lot. Not just about Cirri, but flying in general.

One thing I have noted is that there seems to be a lot of non-cirri drivers reading and posting. Which I find somewhat unique. Before, I would never have considered reading a specific type (Monney, Bonanza, etc.) owners/pilots site.

Just a thought here -but if you agree with me that the COPA site is worthwhile and beneficial, why not ‘e’ the site address and a short note to some of your pilot friends? Seems a worthy endeavor and just might spread the Cirrus message. Just a thought. What do you think?

David Schwietert (OIW) (Owner In Waiting) N203 RF


An excellent suggestion! I’ll start spreading the word.