Asheville / St. Augustine Snowbirds

Retired couple, DAV, exploring ways to eliminate the drive between our mountain home and beach home, Both are vacant while we are away and would make for a great place to vacation w/ family. Any Ideas?

Hello Craig-

The flight between Asheville and St. Augustine is an easy one for a Cirrus SR, are either of you pilots, if so are you considering a Cirrus purchase, or perhaps learning to fly?

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We’re 72 now. No longer comfortable up front.

Craig Manner

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Are you looking for an SR22 solution or an SF50?

If the latter, Cirrus has the VisionAir program that may interest you:

There are also charter options such as Verijet that offer flights aboard their fleet of Vision Jets and are expanding in the South East.

For SR22s the charter options are more limited (they are out there), but should the SR22 be a good fit for your intended mission, purchasing an aircraft and having it professionally flown is a viable alternative, albeit not as common.

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Please PM me
I live in Saint Augustine
May have a possible solution

Did you find a reasonable solution?

Yes indeed.

Craig Manner

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I’m in St Aug area as well. Shoot me an email at