Orlando SR20

I am part of a group of 5 Dutchmen who will take delivery of 2 SR 20’s in April 2003 (one long winter away…). I will be in Orlando the first week of december and would like to build up some time (assuming to be able to tiptoe out of some boring conference speeches…). Anyone know of availability of an SR20 (+ CFI ) in that area? Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestions.

Real Dutchmen would go to Duluth in December.

no SR20’s for rent in Orlando at present…doubt it will change between now and April.

Dag Aart,

Alles goed? I am a Cirrus Fact cert CFII in St Augustine, FL.
Saw your request. Do not have a SR20 at the moment, but if you get stuck, please get back to me, and I’ll try and arrange one in time. You need to give me exact dates.
Tot kyk,

Try to make contact with Mr. Arnim Stief, very experienced Cirrus CFII, who will be in the Orlando area exactly during the time you are there. He does Cirrus training and Cirrus Ferry flights. email: n-flight@t-online.de


Timm Preusser N747TG

We have an SR20 on our flight line at Elite Flight Center in Atlanta if you are will to make the commute. If you’re interested, please send me an email (jkrider@airshareselite.com) or call (404)290-2349 and we can talk about how we can help.