Cirrus in Charleston, SC

Is there any SR 20 or 22 owners in or near the Charleston, SC area, I am looking at ownership and I have narrowed my choices down to either SKYHAWK SP or SKYLANE, PIPER ARCHER or a CIRRUS I simply wanted to take a ride in one, I would be more than happy to pay for the fuel. OH MAN ! If Cessna decides to put the GARMIN 1000 avionics suite in the SKYHAWK as rumored, It’s going to come down to some fine personal prefrences that I have. Thanks in advance.

IMHO, Cessna could put a Garmin 10,000 in a 172 and it won’t come close to an SR20. I hope someone in your area can give you a ride so you can come to your own (hopefully similiar) conclusion taking everything into consideration.
I did my own comparison 2 years ago.
Good Luck

How about going to the Cirrus site and finding the local sales rep?

I think they’re just itching to give demo flights, and you won’t even have to pay for fuel.

Make it to S. FL and I’d be happy to take you up in my SR22.

E mail me at

I am in Charleston SC and can give you a ride