Another Bone headed pilot

Here’s the URL of an artical about a knot-head in Frankfurt that stole a powered glider and threatened to crash it into a downtown skyscraper. This, one year to the day since the Tampa Bay stint.

Someone quick call Time Mag!

Brings up a question: What do COPA members and Cirrus owners use to secure their aircraft to prevent aircraft theft?
I just saw a nice security device advertised in the most recent AOPA PILOT magazine. It is called “The Prop Club”
$ 249.95 Has anyone used or seen this?

I park at CGS, one of the Washington DC airports where all planes are required to use prop locks. We have large, extra thick, plastic covered cables that loop around the prop blades and spinner.

I looked at the website for the prop boot. My concern with the prop boot is that it is not as visible, or “in your face” to the same degree that a big cable wrapped around the spinner is. Someday, you might be absent-minded (eg, you might skip the normal pre-flight, because you are just cranking the engine and not flying) and crank the engine with the prop boot still on (of course, this could happen with the cable too, but I think a big cable is harder to miss. You can certainly see it from inside the cabin)

Personally, I’d opt for a very visible yoke lock or ignition lock cover before putting anything on my prop. But at my airport, we don’t have this choice.

Aviation Consumer did an article on prop locks in May 2002 and in their “Gear of the Year” in August 2002. This product was not one of the ones reviewed.

They liked the chain one from Sporty’s but also said that the color of the tube over the chain should have been bright yellow instead of black. One start with any of these devices in place is definitely an expensive experience!

There is a tire lock that looks like it would fit under the faring on the nose or mains. At least with a tire lock the cost would be limited to embarrassment and possibly a broken wheel faring.