Wrapping Cirrus

Happy Saturday all,
Looking for info on having a partial wrap done on my SR20.
I’ve seen a few have done theirs and they look amazing.
What does the FAA think about this, what are the limitations and what kind of log entry would satisfy them?
stay safe - fly higher

There is a big recent thread on the topic here. Don’t forget to use the Search function!

thanks for responding, Gordon - I did try the search and just again and your link and the only item I see is the one I posted. I am obviously missing something?

I think so. The link I posted was to a thread with 38 posts on the subject. It sounds like you are not logged in as a member. Did you follow the procedure to reset your password for the new site per the email that was sent out?

Gordon, it all cleared up, not sure what the hang up was, but i see all the comments now, although some confusing ones - thanks again.