Door Locks

I learned something the other day. The AI working on my 20 told me. That I f they do not have a key for a plane does not mater the type. What I mean is it can be cesna piper whatever.They use what they call a jimmy key. They can get into about 90 percent of the planes made.That has been one of my complaints about mine It will lock but I must be very carful about my actions. This guy also is in the secerity business, Is there a solution for this . (On my trinidads they had some odd type of key with dot indintations seemed very possitive).Not just for Cirrus planes but for all planes due to the pressure for more secerity on the ramps. Most of the time I am in a my hanger but out in about it can be an issue From Don

I agree about the Trinidad door locks. Very secure. I wonder if we can get them?

There is a company call Medeco Locks - very secure. Was part of a corporation ( Hillendbran Industries, Batesville Indiana) I was employed by, before I decided to employ myself that is.

And no - I wasn’t part of the Casket Business segment !

For securing the airplane from theft, I found this “>Prop” that clamps on the prop. It runs $250. (The small model fits our props. It weighs 2.4 lbs.) Won’t do much to secure the avionics. The [Medeco door locks are really solid. It would be great if we could get them retrofit.