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ANNcoverage. While it comes on the heels of a tragic week for the Cirrus community, it highlights some of COPA’s accomplishments and creative benefits.


Two years ago I made the following post titled “Forked Tail Doctor Killer”:/forums/t/29134.aspx?View=Threaded.

In it I worried that the Cirrus might be going down the same path as the early Bonanza. The ANN article makes the same point about putting a high performance aircraft in the hands of pilots less experienced than would normally own one.

I think the ANN article is right on (because it agrees with me, of course!) and I applaud COPAÂ’s efforts to address this problem.

My TB20 is IFR equipped, but only barely (no HSI, no altitude hold, no DME, and a GX55 GPS with a VFR installation). The lack of gadgets makes me work harder, but it keeps me on my toes too. I always feel vaguely uncomfortable, especially when VFR in unfamiliar territory, and thatÂ’s a good thing!

I’m no Luddite, but the challenge is to take advantage of the gadgets without letting complacency creep in.


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I’m no Luddite, but the challenge is to take advantage of the gadgets without letting complacency creep in.

I’m no Luddite either (in fact, some call me “Mike Gadget”), and I agree with you completely.
In a recent post on the Members forum, I wrote:
I am beginning to wonder, though, how much this stuff will help. My own, personal, feeling at this point is that ALL THE STUFF in the airplane does in fact make the airplane safer and better… for the pilots who use good judgement; and ALL THE STUFF in the airplane makes the airplane LESS SAFE for the pilots with poor judgement, because they may view the technology as a sort of crutch that allows them to reset their personal minimums to unrealistic levels, or perhaps even to ignore them.

That’s what I believe.

  • Mike.


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