Annual near Houston

I need an annual on an SR22, currently in Houston area, looking for recommendations.

I have had a really good experience with Houston Aviation located at KSGR. My only complaint is that it usually takes several weeks to complete, but their work is impeccable.

Don’t know anything about Houston but you will get far more responses if you post in the Cirrus Flying forum rather than the guest forum which is not even looked at by many members

Off topic but you can probably help me. Is there a different forum besides member marketplace, guest, and website issues? If so, how do I access it (like Cirrus Flying). I’m a paid up copa member so access shouldn’t be an issue.


There are multiple forums all of which are available to members. I’m not sure why you don’t see them but in your preferences you can list which you are interested in.

You can also click on the COPA logo on the upper left and then click “all categories” and you will get a list of Forums. There is remarkably little on the guest forum and far more than one can digest on the member forums.

If setting your preferences doesn’t help, send a note to Erik Gunderson, Mitch Sellers or Hans Thies who are far more computer savvy than I.


I’m not from the area but have been to Houston Aviation twice at SGR for various reasons, including last week. I highly recommend them. They are an authorized CSC and the owner knows his stuff.



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And … I used Tidal Aviation at Houston Executive to manage my Cirrus and also to do the maintenance. I thought they did a terrific job - highly recommended!