North Houston SR22 Partnership

Anyone interested in a North Houston/The Woodlands partnership? Hoping to find a few like minded friends to get a SR22. Thanks! TR

I would be very interested in discussing this with you. Have you filled all the spots or is there room for one more?

Richard Beech

Looks like you joined up and some early leads. Hope it works out!

Welcome on board, Richard!

That was quick!


thank you

I will have spots. No one had posted interest so I thought I would be alone. I am on vacation but lets talk after the holiday. Would love to get this started.


Call me (713.516.2299) or email me ( when you return.

Enjoy your vacation.


Tyler, we offer Shared Ownership opportunies is the SR22.

We are based out of Conroe/North Houston Airport

Feel free to give us a call.

Have a wonderful vacation.

I would be interested in learning more about this partnership. I am currently evaluating options for joining a cirrus partnership.

What is your time frame? I am currently away but want to set up a discussion for those interested.


Flexible. Ideally would do something within 3-4 months.

Excited to talk soon. Are you thinking new or a new used?

Excited to chat soon. Are you thinking new or a new used? Also what timeframe are you on?

This thread is a bit convoluted with the Evolve air discussion ongoing as well but I think you have asked about time frame and new vs. used. I am flexible to both but feel a used plane probably represents a better value. As to time frame that would depend on finding the right plane but I am able to go now if that work or I am happy to wait months to get everything in place and lined up.


I might be interested let me know when you plan to discuss.