New to COPA & Forums!

I am new to COPA & Forums and have just registered as a “free” guest. Before I step on any toes or break any forum rules, I am asking for a veteran member’s insight regarding finding the proper place where I can post information on 2 Stratus ADS-B Receiver units that I no longer need and trying to sell. Thanks. John.


Only Members can post in Marketplace. Anyone can read that Forum, but only members can post.

John, goods for sale are to be put on the Marketplace forum, which, as was stated, requires COPA membership. Be aware that as a guest-only subscriber, you are seeing about 1/1000th of the content on the site.

Thanks Gordon, Jerrold & Thomas. I appreciate the quick response.

I’ll probably find a friend locally who is a member and have him post the 2 items for me. I’m not an actual Cirrus owner or operator so it probably makes very little sense for me to pony-up $$ for an annual fee. I have a son who works on them at the Cirrus service center not far from our house near Houston, but he’s still too inexperienced and poor to have a membership!

Thanks again guys,


John, it’s the best $65 you’ll ever spend in aviation whether you own or fly a Cirrus or not. This site is imbued with a culture of safety and you will learn more about flying than $65 wil get you anywhere else. It’s a great investment in training.


I no longer own a Cirrus, having gone back to the “dark side” (a metal airplane!). I gladly write the $65 check annually, as there is way more to COPA than type specific posts. I continue to learn and enjoy the aviation we discuss here and recommend it to anyone that wants to be part of a tight community that lives and breathes safe and professional (and fun!) flying.

Come join us for a year. Bet you won’t leave…